Just How Great Is This System?

I stumbled onto it quite by accident and was amazed to see that it was listed in Softaculous. I must have blazed past it due to its odd name. So I installed it and started poking around in it yesterday evening. Here’s a clue how easy this thing is to set up. I have a project-independent support ticket system running alongside tickets that are associated with specific projects, and a document repository. All created yesterday evening while playing around with and configuring the software. Read More

You can use Rukovoditel as CRM system as well. Its up to your imagination!!

I am in the area of outsourcing business and have to manage many projects and large team of varying roles and responsibility. Project & team management which was one the core part of my KRA and to streamline the project I was in a hunt of good project management tool. After spending lots of time and efforts and testing many sources both open source and commercial one, few days back I found Rukovoditel.  Read More

Rukovoditel The Best Project Management Software

Hi all, today I want to share with you a good software for your project management with customers. Present to you Rukovoditel. This free software helps you manage tasks that should be done for a project.  Read More

It allows you to bring on clients and collaborate with teams within a privacy level

I have been using different paid and free project management applications both hosted and non-hosted for about 8 years now but this time I decided to try a new solution. When I started my search I was disappointed at first and to be honest I was almost about to give up my search because the hosted solutions available were mostly expensive enough to make me thing perhaps I am doing well with my low cost non-hosted solution. Read More

A Great Low Cost Solution to Project Management

I was looking for a Project Management System for my company and was already tired of installing, then experimenting, only to find that most free or low cost systems are buggy, outdated, overloaded with functions I don’t need, and not very flexible. We needed Project Management for tracking the workflow through a metal fabrication shop. Read More

Rukovoditel is a Game Changer in the Project Management Software Industry!

I was searching around the internet for a couple weeks trying to find a good project management software but not just any ole PM Software. I wanted to find one that fit the following characteristics: Read More

Much more than just another Poject Management System

I was looking for a Project Management System for my company and was already tired of testing, because most systems are buggy, outdated, overloaded with functions and not very flexible. Luckily I discovered Rukovoditel, which fulfills all my requirements! Read More

Bootstrap Rukovoditel delivers cost effective (free) project management

With very little coding experience, Rukovoditel gave my small internet business the tools to help deliver a complete online project management solution customized to our needs. If you have your own or shared server with minimum features like MySQL database, PHP, Apache Server you can have your very own web application using Rukovoditel up and running quickly and easy like I did. Read More

Using Rukovoditel in IT consulting industry

We are a distributed team in the IT consulting industry and were looking for a lightweight, and instantly usable web-based application enabling all team members to share information and assign tasks among each other. While researching we came across Rukovoditel and are more than happy with this solution. Read More