It allows you to bring on clients and collaborate with teams within a privacy level

I have been using different paid and free project management applications both hosted and non-hosted for about 8 years now but this time I decided to try a new solution. When I started my search I was disappointed at first and to be honest I was almost about to give up my search because the hosted solutions available were mostly expensive enough to make me thing perhaps I am doing well with my low cost non-hosted solution.

Just when I was about to give up my search I stumble upon Rikovoditel project management system and the first look appeared to be satisfactory. I started exploring to find out that its packed with powered options in one of the simplest yet attractive Graphics user interfaces I have come across.

The GUI is sharp and contemporary whereas on the other hand I like that developers have taken care of just about every need a creative company may has, from ideas to tickets and discussion. It is layered in a simple manner yet once you start exploring you find the extensive research and hard work has been put into this system to bring us options such as Task types that include; Idea, Task, Changes and Bug. It doesn't just cover your creative process it also covers all the development phases, a very creative use indeed.

My personal favorites are however the extended options available through a one time payment that allow you to ad beautiful charts, extended Graphical reports and calendar for marking important events and time manage. Calendar also serves as an extension of the already available time management options available on each task and project.

All in all, although a new project management system that has to go a long way it is a very effective and up to the mark hosted solution for your day to day business and project management task. It allows you to bring on clients and collaborate with teams within a privacy level. Way to go Team Rikovoditel!!!

Saad B. Murtaza
Rabt Media