Using Rukovoditel in IT consulting industry

We are a distributed team in the IT consulting industry and were looking for a lightweight, and instantly usable web-based application enabling all team members to share information and assign tasks among each other.

While researching we came across Rukovoditel and are more than happy with this solution. Installation on a shared server with minimum features (like MySQL database, PHP, Apache-Server) is possible and very easy.

Rukovoditel has multilanguage capabilities and the system language can be assigned to every single user as an individual configuration. It is possible to create usergroups with individual access (content viewing as well as editing) rights.

Definitely, the best part about Rukovoditel is the ability to extend the standard application by adding new entities and linking them to existing ones. Generally all entities and fields are customizable, also the entities which come with the standard installation. Thus, the application is customizable from top to bottom.

Rukovoditel offers highly configurable reporting capabilities including Excel and PDF export. The reports can be used as dashboard elements or menu entries. Again the dashboard is individual to each user profile.

The customization and configuration, which can easily be managed by any person with a fair knowledge of database structures, is working very smoothly and without errors. The User Interface is very intuitive to use.

The technology used is futureproof, it uses on the data side php, ajax, mysql, and on the design side bootstrap, jquery and css.

The programming of this application (almost framework) is well structured and close to flawless.

We can highly recommend this application to small and medium size project teams of any business background.

Thank you and regards,
Jessica Stegmann