Much more than just another Poject Management System

I was looking for a Project Management System for my company and was already tired of testing, because most systems are buggy, outdated, overloaded with functions and not very flexible.

Luckily I discovered Rukovoditel, which fulfills all my requirements:

  1. Technical up to date
  2. Writte in PHP, which is preferred by my company
  3. Easy to setup
  4. Nice design
  5. Multilingual: many translations available
  6. Not overloaded
  7. Very flexible and adaptable

The killer-feature of Rukovoditel is, that you can extend and adapt the system according to your needs.

  1. Add or remove fields
  2. Add or remove entities (data tables)
  3. Create relations between entities
  4. Configure views
  5. Create Reports

I also like the feature to comment on records. You even can inform involved person about the comment. This makes it easy to inform and cooperate within teams.

The open source version of Rukovoditel covers most needs. The purchaseable extension is very affordable and offers more...

Rukovoditel comes with a minimal set of entities (data-tables).

It is likely, that you want to adapt and extent it.

To do this, you dont't have to be a programmer. But a litte knowlede about databases and programming would be helpful.

Ewald B.