Rukovoditel The Best Project Management Software

Hi all, today I want to share with you a good software for your project management with customers. Present to you Rukovoditel. This free software helps you manage tasks that should be done for a project.

Before this, I used the Goggle Calender as schedule management. But limited. With this system you can also connect with the customers on the status of the task that is being made. I suggest to Freelance website designer must have Rukovoditel for the purpose of customer-management of their clients. Each project can be marked priority level, type, start date, end date. And you can see most of the tickets in sending customer. If you have a few employees, you can set the system to multiple users.

Like I have a website designer and website developer, I have installed these users on the system. So we can use this system to manage apply to a project together. I tried using a mobile, the system is very mobile friendly and lightweight. I suggest, if you have a lot of projects and project management issues, please visit here to get Rukovoditel for free. Good luck!

Imran Che Omar