On this page you will find companies and people who provide services for setting up and implementing the Rukovoditel.
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Global Intelligence Bureau

Nick Francis

We are here to help you setup a case management system for you private investigation business using Rukovoditel. Please visit the DOWNLOAD section for our ready software (Case Files Professional) to get you started.

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Haydo Consulting

Peter Haydo

WE SPEAK/COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH OR GERMAN. Visit Web: https://www.haydo.de. Projekte: 1. Erstellen einer Anwendung für die Verwaltung einmaliger/wiederkehrender Aufgaben im Bereich Datenschutz. Auftragger=Anwalltskanzlei. 2. Aufbau u. Wartung eines kompletten Systems für Projektmanagement im Bauwesen, inkl. automatisierten Benachrichtigung der jeweils verantwortlichen oder beteiligten Personen. Auftraggeber=Bauträger. 3. Entwicklung eines digitalen Bautagebuches inkl. automatisch abgerufener Wetterdaten am Ort der Baustelle. Auftraggeber=Software Entwickler. Implementierung von individuellen Anwendungen auf Basis des Rukovoditel Frameworks (Linux, MySql, Apache): - Projektmanagement - CRM - Kalkulation - Vertragswesen - Aufgaben, Tickets, etc. Wir erstellen exakt auf Ihre Problemstellungen bezogene - Analysen - Pflichtenhefte - Installation der Software auf Ihrem Server oder stellen Server - Implementierung der individualisierten Software - Wartung, Anpassung, Betreuung

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Irena Rezec

We help you to install, configure and use the Rukovoditel (on our or your server) in line with your requirements. If needed, we propose and implement improvements to be fully in line with your needs. In addition, we can introduce you into a project management practice or even take over the project management tasks for your project(s).

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Unicloud Limited


Unicloud builds and hosts sophisticated solutions in Rukovoditel, we have significant business operational experience in systems , procedures and business operations. We have also fine tuned our server environment to run large installations at speed. We have built the following solutions: * Facilities Management Software including job management , quote management, Asset and scheduled maintenance management and forecasting, Document Management , project management and even meeting management. (this is being used in different ways by several large business in New Zealand) * Aviation - Flight training records, Pilot logbook , Aircraft maintenance tracking and alerting. * HR Systems * Property Management An more let us know your requirements

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Dicky Zahkria Iman

We would like to help you building your Rukovoditel based application online with full feature, location on Indonesia We also provide support to implementing your app in your organization.

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