Rukovoditel is a Game Changer in the Project Management Software Industry!

I was searching around the internet for a couple weeks trying to find a good project
management software but not just any ole PM Software. I wanted to find one that fit the
following characteristics:

It had to be…

1. able to be installed on our servers. Our owners have always been skeptical and hesitant
to use software that wasn't installed on their own servers. The idea of having all of our
information in so many different places and placed in the hands of a company that could get
hacked at any moment, was reason enough to avoid many of the cloud-based project
management systems online.

2. adaptable and customizable. We wanted to be able to make this software do whatever we
wanted it to. We didn't want it to limit our ability to mold the system into whatever we
needed it to do and so far it has been able to do everything we have envisioned.

3. responsive. I cant stand software that has outdated UI design and that was not the case
with Rukovoditel. This software is responsive and very well designed, so that you could be
project managing on it all day on the go and on your phone.

4. able to connect all of our team members and any body that was apart of the project
process and keep them updated through out the while time. Rukovoditel has been able to
meet that need time and time again for us and we couldn't be more happier. Now anytime
that we make a task, start a new project, make a comment, update a part of the process,
send something out for approval, everyone who needs to be updated by email is updated

5. easy to install, manage and extend. It has been a breeze for even my less technically
savy team members to help mold the system into what we need it do. Thats why we love

6. It had to be able to be backed up on our in-house digital storage systems. We wanted
to make sure we could back up all of our data just incase we needed to go offline for any
reason and we were happy to find that you could export all the data in your Rukovoditel
system easily.

We plan on using this software for years to come and we hope that you find this software useful as we have.

Best wishes to the Rukovoditel and thank you for creating this great software!

Jose Ortiz