Open Source ERP and CRM | Rukovoditel Free web-based and Open Source ERP for your business. PHP / MySQL Rukovoditel - Free Project Management Software

Configure the interaction of business processes in the company.

Open Source - PHP - MySQL

The Rukovoditel platform is your own unique application, which you create yourself, based on your needs! Using a variety of settings, you will be able to deploy Rukovoditel management system on your server.

Versatile and flexible customization is the core feature of Rukovoditel. This is why Rukovoditel can be used in many areas. It adds clariy to the structure and roles of all users within projects and boots productivity.

In the open source version Rukovoditel will come with a full set of necessary tools. You can create an unlimited number of Entities and Fields and customize the appearance of lists and forms. Quickly distribute access rights to groups of users and import data from Excel files.

A full list of features can be found on the "Features" page.

CRM for web studios, estate agency, customer management, sales accounting.

Why ERP Rukovoditel?

  1. Free and Open-Source
    Rukovoditel uses free cross-platform server software - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP). It is installed both on the company's own internal servers, and on most popular Internet hosting services.
  2. Apply in all directions of activity
    Rukovoditel is a allows you to create your own application, most suitable for your organization. Add new Fields and Entities, adjust the relationships between them. Use the Rukovoditel as a project management system, or as a CRM system, or combine several systems into one.
  3. Quick Integration
    With the program, the platform can start working immediately after minimum preparation. You do not need to train employees. This platform supports many intergrations such as excel files.
  4. Reporting constructor for each user
    Each user creates their own reports and adjusts their display to suit them.
  5. Flexible settings for user access levels
    In Rukovoditel, users are divided into groups, for example, "Customer", "Manager", "Programmer". Configure access to entities and their fields for each group. There is an opportunity to limit or expand the areas of responsibility for employees, as well as for customers.
  6. A simple, user-friendly interface optimized for mobile devices
    with an attractive and user-friendly interface.
  7. Multilanguage
    By default, there is support for English and Russian. Add the necessary translation and remove language barriers for foreign employees.
  8. Rukovoditel - web application
    The server software used is web-oriented and does not require the installation of client applications on employees' computers. Interaction is carried out through a web browser.
  9. 3-5 times cheaper than other management platforms
    Increase the capibility and features for business by purchasing an Extension to the program Rukovoditel. Payment is made once and updates are free of charge.
  10. Support service responds within 48 hours
    Our support service responds to customer questions within 48 hours. Get advice or leave an suggestion on our forum.