Bootstrap Rukovoditel delivers cost effective (free) project management

With very little coding experience, Rukovoditel gave my small internet business the tools to help deliver a complete online project management solution customized to our needs. If you have your own or shared server with minimum features like MySQL database, PHP, Apache Server you can have your very own web application using Rukovoditel up and running quickly and easy like I did.

I found creating customized new entities a breeze using Rukovoditel. I just linked them to my installed entities and away I went. Rukovoditel let's me create any necessary fields, views and reports to capture and display any data I need. If I need to import or export any data Rukovoditel gives me the tools to do so.

Another thing I like about Rukovoditel is that I can configure access to any part of my application. Whether it is a separate field or an entity, Rukovoditel lets only those I choose to view and manipulate the data.

Rukovoditel with Bootstrap was the answer I was looking for when I needed a responsive design for today's mobile devices. Plus being Opensource (Free Software) I did not need to spend any money on software developing my application with Rukovoditel.

I would recommend Rukovoditel to anybody who needs to build customized applications on the web.