To install new translation just unpack archive in folder where Rukovoditel is installed

Create new translation

Language files are located in the folder 'includes/languages', in Extension 'plugins/ext/languages'. To add a new translation, just create a new file in this folders based on an existing and a change the translation in file.

Update translation

Open language file and copy new defines to translation. New defines located at the end of file after line "//new defines for version X"

100% Discount for Extension

Place the new translation on the forum topic Translations.
Translation need to be created for Free version and Extension.

Download English language and just create a new files based on an existing and change the translation in file.

Note: discount will be rejected if translation made by Google Translator or there will be php errors after language install. It means language have to be your native language and you have to test your translation before discount request.

After placing the translation, contact us to get a discount coupon of 100%.