A Great Low Cost Solution to Project Management

I was looking for a Project Management System for my company and was already tired of installing, then experimenting, only to find that most free or low cost systems are buggy, outdated, overloaded with functions I don’t need, and not very flexible. We needed Project Management for tracking the workflow through a metal fabrication shop.

When I discovered the flexibility of Rukovoditel, I put all my effort into it and have found it to be quite flexible and easy to configure. It was easy to set up and not overloaded with features that I don’t need.

One nice feature of Rukovoditel is, that I can extend and adapt the system according to our needs, over time. 

I also like the comment feature as we often need to place notes on tasks for the next worker in line to view. You even can even inform involved persons about task and comment changes so everyone is kept in the loop and updated. 

Written documentation would be good, so people not familiar with databases and their structure can better understand it. However, it is easy to figure out with a little experimentation.

Overall, I’m very happy to have found this Project Management system. I would highly recommend it to others.

Teresa Haymaker