Extension for our project management software Rukovoditel Open-source project management software Rukovoditel is designed to be installed on your own local server or online server with support PHP / MySQL. Rukovoditel - Free Project Management Software
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Rukovoditel Extension Save your time!

Price: 15,000 RUB (≈$245)
One-time payment
Updates and support for free

The Extension includes a set of reports and tools for better planning and management.

Start using the Extension and you will be able to:

  1. Improve the quality of planning using Gantt charts and calendar
  2. Organize the work of different groups of users with common reports
  3. Quickly and easily analyze data using graphical reports
  4. Creating complex calculations between projects and tasks
  5. Save time by using multiple update data

Main Features

Public Forms

To collect Tickets, Orders, Contacts from your web site. Read More.

Business process automation

To merge and perform several actions simultaneously. Read More.

Rest API

Used to interact with the site. Available methods: user registration, adding and retrieving records. Read More.

Formulas and Functions

Сalculate count of open Tasks, sum for Est. time and Work hours for each project Read More.


Calendar allows you to plan and monitor your appointments and events, and manage them. Read More.


You have the ability to create templates for posts, comments, and print Read More.



Exchange rates. Currency Converter. Automatic updating of exchange rates. Read More.

Multiple update

You have the ability to select multiple records and modify them, copy them for move between projects Read More.

Online chat

Online chat allows you send private messages and create dialogs. Read More.

Info Pages

This simple functionality allows you to create the pages you want and assign them to a group of users Read More.

Time Tracking and Timer Reports

You can turn ON Timer for any entities by configure users access Read More.


Funnel Chart

Allows you to visualize a linear process that has successive associated stages. Read More.

Change History Report

For events tracking. Read More.

Pivot Table Reports

Use Pivot Table Reports to see an overview of information or review trends. Read More.

Common Reports

Create and configure reports for different user groups Read More.

Timeline Report

With this report, you can display the tasks, projects, or any other entry in the form of a timeline. Read More.

Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart provides a visual representation of the progress of your tasks compared to the planned time. Read More.

Charts and Graphs

Chart report is a visual representation of data, which allows you to quickly & easily analyze and interpret data. Read More.

Kanban Board New

Allows you to place tasks on the virtual board in the form of stickers. Read More.


Payment Modules

To pay Invoices inside in application Read More.

SMS Modules

To send notification when item created or updated. Integration with Telegram. Read More.

File Storage Modules

To save disk space, large files can be stored on Dropbox. Read More.

Smart Input New

To automatically check the entered data. Read More.