Buy Extension to the Rukovoditel Project Management Software Open-source project management software Rukovoditel is designed to be installed on your own local server or online server with support PHP / MySQL. Rukovoditel - Free Project Management Software
Free web-based open-source project management tool suitable for a small team

Rukovoditel Extension

  1. Extension can be installed on free version of Rukovoditel.
  2. Payment is a one-off charge and all future updates for free.
  3. As this is downloadable software that cannot be returned, we do not offer refunds.
  4. The license is granted on the one domain or subdomain name.
    For the local server, use the local name, for example "localhost" or IP
    You can change entered Name in My Account page.

Price: 11,000 RUB (≈$195)

Note: your bank may also charge extra fee for international payment.

Sub-Total: 11,000 RUB

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