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KHARCHISHINA O.A, represented by the online-shop (hereinafter referred to as THE SELLER), publishes this Contract, which is a standard form contract-offer for both natural and juridical persons (hereinafter referred to as THE BUYER) as follows:

1. Subject matter of the contract-offer.

1.1. THE SELLER agrees to transfer the ownership to THE BUYER, and THE BUYER agrees to pay for and accept the products purchased in the online-shop (hereinafter referred to as THE PRODUCT).

2. The moment of contracting.                           

2.1. The text of the contract represents a public offer (according to Article 435 and Part 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

2.2. The fact of ordering of the PRODUCT from the SELLER both independently and via operator represents unconditional acceptance of this contract, and the BUYER is deemed the person who entered into the contractual relationships with the Private Entrepreneur, KHARCHISHINA O.A.

2.3. The ordering of the PRODUCT and payment are performed by making an order by the BUYER on the online-shop

3. The PRODUCT price.

3.1. Prices in the online-shop are specified in the currency of the country of the buyer’s residence for a PRODUCT unit.

4. Payment for the PRODUCT.

4.1. Upon payment by cash, the BUYER is obliged to pay to the SELLER the price of the PRODUCT at the moment of its delivery, and the SELLER is obliged to provide to the BUYER a cash voucher or a sales voucher, or any other document confirming the payment for the PRODUCT.

4.2. Upon non-cash payment the obligation of the BUYER to pay the price of the PRODUCT shall be deemed as performed from the moment of debiting the sum in the amount of 100% (one hundred percent) of the prepayment from the account of the BUYER in a bank or a credit organization that, according to the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation, provides financial services to the general public including the use of electronic monetary funds.

4.3. Upon non-cash payment, payment in arrears by the BUYER of the price of the PRODUCT for more than 5 (five) days shall be deemed a material breach of the contract. In this case, the SELLER will have the right, at his sole discretion, to terminate the contract by notifying the BUYER.

4.4. The PRODUCTS are supplied to the BUYER according to the prices, names and quantity as specified in the invoice payed by the BUYER.

5. Delivery of the PRODUCT.

5.1. The download link of the PRODUCTŠ for the BUYER shall be available on the page "Personal Account" after successful payment of the order.

6. Guarantee for the PRODUCT.

6.1. The online-shop provides a guarantee for the PRODUCT and in case of any problems relating to the working efficiency of the product will provide technical support without any charges.

7. Rights and liabilities of the Parties.

7.1. The SELLER is obliged:

- before entering the contract, to provide to the BUYER the information about usability of the PRODUCT, the address (place of residence) of the SELLER, the place of production of the PRODUCT, the full company name of the SELLER, the price and the conditions of the product purchase, its delivery, life, expiry date and guarantee period, payment methods as well as the duration of the offer to enter the contract.

- not to disclose any private information of the BUYER and not to provide access to this information to any third parties except the cases required by the Russian law.

- to provide to the BUYER the possibility to take free consultations via e-mail specified on the website of the shop ( The scope of the consultations is limited by concrete questions related to the performing of the ORDER.

- The SELLER reserves the right to change the CONTRACT at his sole discretion before the moment of its entering.

7.2. THE BUYER is obliged:

- before the moment of entering of the CONTRACT, to study the content of the contract-offer, the terms of payment and delivery on the website of the shop (
- to provide the accurate information about himself (full name, contact phone numbers, e-mail address).

- to accept and pay for the PRODUCT within the terms stipulated in the CONTRACT.

8. Liability of the parties and dispute resolution.

8.1. The Parties are liable for non-performance or improper performance of the CONTRACT according to the CONTRACT and applicable legislation of Russia.

8.2. The seller is not liable for delivery of the ORDER

8.3. The SELLER is not liable if expectations of the BUYER in relation of the usability of the PRODUCT are not satisfied.

8.4. THE SELLER is not liable for partial or complete nonperformance of obligations for delivery of the PRODUCTŠ, which is result of force majeure circumstances.

8.5. The BUYER, by making an ORDER, is liable for accuracy of the information provided by him about himself, as well as confirms that he has read and agreed the terms of the CONTRACT.

8.6. All disputes occurred upon performance by the PARTIES of the obligations under the contract are settled by way of negotiations. In case when this mutual dispute resolution is not possible, the PARTIES have the right to pursue litigation to defend their interests.

9. Return and exchange of the product.

9.1. As it is downloadable software, according to Part 14 of the Russian Federation Government Resolution as of 19.01.1998 N 55, the return of the payment is not provided.

10. Force Majeure circumstances.

10.1. The Parties are released from liability for nonperformance or improper performance of their obligations under the contract for the period of force majeure circumstances. The force majeure circumstances are understood as emergency or superior powers in these conditions, which defeat the performance of obligations by the PARTIES under the contract. They include acts of nature (earthquake, flood and so on), social life circumstances (war, emergence situation, strikes, epidemics and others), and prohibitive acts of government (prohibition of shipment, currency limitations, international sanctions of trade prohibition and others). During this period, the PARTIES do not have mutual complaints, and each PARTY takes the risk of force majeure circumstances impact.

11. Duration of the contract.

11.1. The CONTRACT comes into force from the moment of contacting the PRIVATE ENTREPRENEUR KHARCHISHINA O.A. and making the ORDER, and terminates upon complete performance of obligations by the PARTIES.

12. Personal data.

12.1. The SELLER gathers and processes personal data of BUYERS (namely, name, surname and patronymic name of the BUYER; contact phone number) for the purposes of:

Performing the terms of the contract;

12.2. By making the ORDER of the PRODUCT in the online-shop, the BUYER agrees with gathering and processing of his personal data for the purposes of performance of the terms of the CONTRACT.

12.3. Upon gathering and processing of personal data of BUYERS, the SELLER does not pursue any objectives others than the objectives stipulated in Part 12.1 of the CONTRACT.

12.4. The access to personal data of BUYERS is available only for the persons who are directly relevant to performance of ORDERS.

13. The details of the store.

Company name: KHARCHISHINA O.A.

ITN: 911015991646     (Individual Taxpayer Number)

PSRNSP: 315910200267145     (Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor)

e-mail:  support[at]