Rukovoditel 2.8.3 – only fixes
This version doesn't have any database updates.
To update from 2.8.x to 2.8.3 just rewrite all files, except /config/server.php
If you are using the Extension, only files must be overwritten in /plugins folder.


New field types
PHP code
Process button
Encrypted input field
Jalali Calendar
IPv4 address
Field with dynamic input mask

New features
JS/PHP code on the record page
Form builder updated
New views for the record page
Play audio files
Nested forms
Image rotation

New features in Extension
New report "Pivot tables PRO"
Update for the Gantt chart
Quick filters panel added to calendar report
Fonts for pdf
Templates to export (HTML Code)
Saving export template

Upgrade to Version 2.8
Note: after upgrade all data will be saved. 

Use this instruction to upgrade from  version 2.7 to 2.8. If you have an older version of the program, upgrade the program to the current version one by one. More details.

  1. Do database backup! (Required)
  2. Free version
    1. Rewrite all files from
      Note: if you previously modified the file "config/server.php" before you overwrite files, create backup copy of this file and compare the file after overwriting.
    2. For database update run: 
  3. Extension
    1. In /plugins folder rewrite all files from
    2. For database update run:
  4. Remove /install folder.
  5. Some browsers require clear cache .

Update from 2.8 beta version
If you already using 2.8 beta version, to update you must overwrite all the files of the main version and Extension (if installed).No database update. Once it's done click ctrl+f5 to reset css/js cache.