This was setup for a Computer and cellphone repair place that also did call outs.
It uses the Kanban Report for easily moving a job along a process.
The process can be easily changed by simply adding or deleteing from the Status in the Jobs field drop down.
It has Jobe Workflow, Call Out Flow and Sales Flow as the place did sales from the showroom.

If you are interested in changes being done for you then get in touch and we can work something out. 



Rukovoditel Database Template
Author: Richard O'Hanlon
Rukovoditel Compatible: 2.7
Extension: yes
Date Added: 06/30/2020
Downloads: 8
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Job Tracking Template

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Job Tracking Template

  • Installation
    In Rukovoditel app go to Tools/Database Backup and use "Restore DB from file".
    Note: this process reset all your current data so you have to install template on fresh Rukovodtel installation.
    After db restore, use login/password "admin" to login.
  • Compatible with Rukovoditel 2.7
    If template not compatible with current Rukovoditel version, after you install the template
    the database must be updated useing upgrade instruction.
  • This template required Extension
    The Rukovoditel Extension has to be installed in your application.
    Once database will be restored, you have to update product key in your app.
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Please note: the Rukovoditel team is not responsible for the quality of the templates provided by third parties.