In this release: new field types, quick filter panels, mail integration.

Rukovoditel 2.5.1 – only fixes
This version doesn't have any database updates.
To update from 2.5 to 2.5.1 just rewrite all files, except /config/server.php
If you are using the Extension, only files must be overwritten in /plugins folder.

Upgrade to Version 2.5
Note: after upgrade all data will be saved. 
  1. Do database backup!
  2. Free version
    1. Rewrite all files from
      Note: if you previously modified the file "config/server.php" before you overwrite files, create backup copy of this file and compare the file after overwriting.
    2. For database update run: 
  3. Extension
    1. In /plugins folder rewrite all files from
    2. For database update run:
  4. Remove /install folder.
  5. Some browsers require clear cache .
Detailed instructions on updating