Rukovoditel 1.8 - 02/06/2017 - What's new in our project management software Rukovoditel Free web-based and Open Source ERP for your business. PHP / MySQL Rukovoditel - Free Project Management Software

Version 1.8

Was done about 80 tasks include fixes. All features that I planned, but not released in 1.8, will be moved to 1.9
Version 1.9 is scheduled for the July 2017.

Version 1.8   -   02/06/2017
Upgrade to Version 1.8
Note: if you are using version 1.6 or earlier, you need to consistently perform all database updates to the current version. Rewrite all files from new version and follow the instructions from the update archive.
Note: if you are using extra translation, then before upgrade you have to upgrade language files. If your translation is not available yet, you can create a translation for version 1.8, more info.
Note: after upgrade all data will be saved. 
  1. Make a database and a file /config/server.php backups
  2. Rewrite all files from
    Note: because the file /config/server.php will be overwritten, open the new file and make your changes if you did it before.
  3. If you are using Extension, then rewrite all files from in /plugins folder (You can download Extension under My Account page)
  4. Run /install/autoupdate/from_1.7_to_1.8.php
    Note: you need to run this scripts in a web browser, for example:
  5. Run /install/autoupdate/data_prepare_from_1.7_to_1.8.php
    Note: wait for the response OK for all Entities
  6. If you are using Extension, then run /install/ext_autoupdate/from_1.3_to_1.4.php
  7. Remove /install folder

If you have any questions, then ask in a comments bellow.

Plans for the next version

For the future I plan to add:

  1. Public Forms
    This form can be integrate into your website. For example, you will be able to take customer tickets without registration.
  2. Public  Reports
    Items of these reports, according to the report filters will be available publicly.
  3. Internal online chat
    Will give you the opportunity to chat between registered users in the system.

If you are interested in these features - donate, please.

You can offer your ideas on the support forum.

Have a questions? Ask your question in comments below: