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Version 1.7

Was done about 90 tasks include fixes. All features that I planned but not released in 1.7 will be released in 1.8
Version 1.8 is scheduled for the end of 2016.

Version 1.7   -   06/18/2016
Upgrade to Version 1.7
Note: if you are using version 1.5 or older, check the update archive and follow the update instructions for each version separately.
Note: if you are using extra translation, then before upgrade you have to upgrade language files. If your translation is not available yet, you can create a translation for version 1.7, more info.
Note: after upgrade all data will be saved. 
  1. Do database backup
  2. Rewrite all fields from
  3. If you are using Extension then rewrite all files from in /plugins folder (You can download Extension under My Account page)
  4. Run /install/autoupdate/from_1.6_to_1.7.php
    Note: you have to run scripts in browser, for example:
  5. Run /install/autoupdate/data_perpare_from_1.6_to_1.7.php
    Note: wait response OK for all Entities
  6. If you are using Extension then run /install/ext_autoupdate/from_1.2_to_1.3.php
  7. Remove /install folder

If you have any questions then ask in comments bellow.

Plans for the next version

For version 1.8 planed online chat. Will work with filters and search. Also planed Summary Report and more. You can post suggestions on forum.
Version 1.8 is scheduled for the end of 2016

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