How to get discount for Rukovoditel - Project Management Software Free web-based and Open Source ERP for your business. PHP / MySQL Rukovoditel - Free Project Management Software

How to get 100% discount for Extension?

To get the discount, share database template or provide a new translation.

Share your application

If the "Rukovoditel" is already implemented in your organization you can create database template of your application and share it under My Account page. On template form provide detailed description of your application, how to use it and how it help  business (minimum 13 sentences). See the example.

Create and share new translation

Place the new translation on the forum topic Translations.
Translation need to be created for Free version and Extension.

Read instruction how to create/update translation.

Note: discount will be rejected if translation made by Google Translator or there will be php errors after language install. It means language have to be your native language and you have to test your translation before discount request.

After placing the translation, contact us to get a discount coupon of 100%.