How to get discount for Rukovoditel - Project Management Software Open-source project management software Rukovoditel is designed to be installed on your own local server or online server with support PHP / MySQL. Rukovoditel - Free Project Management Software
Free web-based open-source project management tool suitable for a small team

How to get discount for Extension?

You can get a 100% discount by share your Application or create a new translation.

Share your app

Share your app and to get 100% discount! Starting with Rukovoditel 1.7 you can export the application. The application template  can be created in Tools - Database Backup. Go to this page and click on the Export Database. This function creates a template of your Application. Export only the data relevant to the settings of your application.

To receive the discount, prepare the detailed description and the application file for  your application, and contact us.

Description requirements:

  1. The text should be informative, containing examples with screenshots. The text should contain knowledge that will be useful to the reader.
  2. Volume – more than 6 000 symbols.
  3. Unique сontent higher than 90% according to the service

Create and share new translation

Place the new translation on the forum topic Translations.
Translation need to be created for Free version and Extension.

Read instruction how to create/update translation.

After placing the translation, contact us to get a discount coupon of 100%.