Free Database Design Tool | ERP Rukovoditel ERP Rukovoditel allows you build your own database by adding new entities and relationships. Rukovoditel - Free Project Management Software

Database Design Tool

Rukovoditel allows you build your own database by adding new entities and relationships.

The ability to design your application is the main difference between ERP Rukovoditel and analogs. Thanks to this opportunity, your ERP will grow and develop together with your company.

For example, you are a start-up company and you work with several projects. To get started with ERP Rukovoditel will be a fairly standard configuration, where the entire structure is divided into projects, and the Projects are divided into Tasks. As the company grows, you will need to manage documents, finances, and other data. To organize work with these data, you only need to add the necessary Entities and adjust the relationships between them. Read More.

Let's consider another example: you need to build a management system in the workplace, where the technological processes are a complex chain. ERP Rukovoditel offers you an extensive set of tools for database design, including process automation. At the same time, to create an application you do not need to be a programmer - all the settings are made with the help of a visual designer.

Where to begin?
Scheduling the work with information is the main key to the effectiveness of CRM. Analyze the processes in your company, make a plan of processes and only then proceed with the design of your application.

Creating Entities
The entity in the Rukovoditel is a table in the database that contains a number of settings and rules for interacting with data in the table. Go to the "Application Entities" page and create the necessary entities. After creating the entity, go to the "Field Configuration" page and create the required fields. Read more.

One-to-many relationship
To organize one-to-many communication, create a nested entity. When creating an entry in a nested entity, it will be automatically assigned to the parent record.
Also, there is a special type of field "Entity", with which you can organize the connections between any entities in the structure of the application.

Many-to-many communication
To organize such a connection, a special type of the field "Related records" is provided. Read more.

Communication with users
For data communication with users, two special field types are provided: "Users" and "User Group". The value of these fields will be checked by the access rules in the system. Read more.

Complex relationships
To organize more complex relationships between tables, a special field type “MySQL query” is provided, which will allow you to select data from the table according to several conditions. Read more.

View our video about how to Design Database