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Planning and Monitoring

A template for planning and monitoring activities

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Based on outcome/impact orientation (OIO), this is a simple template to allow for planning activities of an organization in six month periods (those periods can be changed as needed). It is set up to assign people to the particular activities and to enter indicators to measure the results.

There is then a reporting section that determines if an activity was completed, ongoing or partially done and then a section for indicators if they are also completed. Activities are set with a percentage indicator so that at any time one can check the percentage completed. This can be changed to reflect the levels appropriate to other organizations.

Reports can be set up to show the activities for individuals during a period or through other filters. We use this to create "individual work plans."

The director of the organization can then also set up reports of each staff member to see their work plans and accomplishment. This can then be used in the annual appraisal of employees, checking their achievements against their plans and whether they are meeting planned deadlines.

We use this for our six-month assessment and planning. It helps us monitor how we are doing and the success of our work. It keeps us on track. We export the data at the end of each period before creating plans for the next period.

We create several periods in advance so that if an activity is for a future date it can be scheduled for that time period. With filters, one can then easily view the activities and indicators for a particular period.

Rukovoditel Database Template
Author: Fred Goddard
Rukovoditel Compatible: 2.3
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Date Added: 07/11/2018
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Planning and Monitoring

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Planning and Monitoring

In Rukovoditel app go to Tools/Database Backup and use "Restore DB from file".
Note: this process reset all your current data so you have to install template on fresh Rukovodtel installation.
After db restore, use login/password "admin" to login.

Compatible with Rukovoditel 2.3
If template not compatible with current Rukovoditel version you can
install previous version from SourceForge and upgrade it useing upgrade instruction.

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