The dashboard will show you statistics about:

1. How many courses are available in your organisation

2. How many projects are running

3. How many registered learners the training centre has got

4. How many classroom courses are running at that specific time

5. How many online courses are running at a specific time? The blended learning courses are included in the online courses section.

6. A calendar where you can add a new course


The default Rukovoditel project system with some improvements.

Senior Management


The senior management could manage the regulatory bodies that accredited the organisation to deliver their courses and qualification. You can create to-do lists and also you can record the accreditation process and update all the associated costs.

There is also an option to link the courses to the specific awarding body and record the accreditation cost for each course. By default, there are set five courses but could be edited. Also, if the centre has less than five qualifications with that regulatory organisation, the values for empty lines will be automatically hidden.

You will also have stored the general information about the specific awarding body.


This section will be developed after the Extension as it needs the Calendar feature.


You can register records from your partners, either other training organisations that you contracted or any other company that is in a partnership with your company. You can easily make notes, see contact details and maintain a shred of evidence.


A public form designed especially for recruiting trainers, assessors and IQAs. There are predefined questions and field that will simplify your interview process. 

Corporate enquiries

A public form especially designed for enquiries received from corporate. You can publish the form on your website.


Here you can add the events that you want to attend. Also you can track them, add comments, change dates, see the contact details etc.

Direct marketing and Direct Marketing Map

In case your employees are doing direct marketing, they can add points on a map to keep records of the places they visited. They can also write a report or leave a comment for the place they visited.

Complaints Form

A public form especially created for learners complaints.

Appeals Form

A public form especially created for learners appeals.


This section will register every person who is involved in the organisation such as staff and learners. 

There are some awarding bodies which request their centres to keep evidence of their learners.


The form is developed based on general requirements from LRS and Ofqual. You will record personal information about the learners, general information, learning difficulties information and also you can keep a record of the primary initial assessment. 

There is also a tab for attachments for you to upload their proof of identity or any other attachments that you may need to enrol him to the awarding body etc.


You can register our staff, either administration staff or teaching staff.

There are options to upload their qualifications and to categorise the teaching staff in Trainers, Assessors and IQAs and allocate them to the course list that they will provide.


You will register the companies for which your organisation offer to their employees your training programs/qualifications.

Training Dashboard


Here you will register the courses that your organisation will deliver.

Classroom courses

This tab is to keep records for the classroom courses that you are running or to maintain a training record for the classes that you already have done.

Online courses

This tab is to keep records for the online/blended learning courses that you are running or to maintain a training record for the courses that you already have done.

Unit library

Here you can record the units that you are delivering and link them to qualifications.


Here you can register the certificates you give to your learners. Also, there is a public form where anyone interested in checking the validity of the certificate can do so.

Policies and Procedures

Here are some pages with the policies and procedures that a training centre may need to get accredited.

There is also a mail system in place.

Users access groups

There are four group access configured:

1. Senior Management

- full access (view, edit and delete) to the whole platform 

2. Admin staff

- Full access to view the whole platform, but limited access to edit. They can create, import and export data from every form that is designed, but they cannot delete or update the actual records.

3. Teaching Staff

They have no access to the Senior Management tab.

They have access to only view the Training Dashboard and Stakeholders, apart from the Corporate tab. 

4. Students

They have access only to their registration form as well as to the course they are allocated.

Rukovoditel Database Template
Author: Alin Nasser
Rukovoditel Compatible: 2.6
Extension: yes
Date Added: 11/05/2019
Downloads: 63
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Training Centre Template (Updated + Extension)

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Training Centre Template (Updated + Extension)

  • Installation
    In Rukovoditel app go to Tools/Database Backup and use "Restore DB from file".
    Note: this process reset all your current data so you have to install template on fresh Rukovodtel installation.
    After db restore, use login/password "admin" to login.
  • Compatible with Rukovoditel 2.6
    If template not compatible with current Rukovoditel version, after you install the template
    the database must be updated useing upgrade instruction.
  • This template required Extension
    The Rukovoditel Extension has to be installed in your application.
    Once database will be restored, you have to update product key in your app.
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Please note: the Rukovoditel team is not responsible for the quality of the templates provided by third parties.